Yamaha Buggies

Yamaha Golf Buggies.

Yamaha buggies know in the game of golf, the champions are the ones who sweat the small stuff. Nothing is unimportant; everything is worthy of painstaking work. This is Yamaha's approach to designing the finest fleet golf cars. Golfbuggies-gb know Yamaha buggies are built to exacting standards nothing is overlooked. We can advise on all aspects of Yamaha buggies.

Yamaha Buggies

Yamaha Golf Buggies are known as market leaders in the golf buggy industry. The build quality and reliability still remain the only golf cars in the market that are designed and built specifically for the golf course.

Yamaha Golf Buggies have created a reputation earned over many years for the most reliable and well-built golf carts offering petrol and electric options and an LPG dual fuel conversion.

Golfbuggies-gb has a wide selection of Yamaha golf buggies and vehicles available, please browse our fleetsupply pages for more information.

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Yamaha Buggies comprise of thermoplastic olefin body panels that are puncture resistant, cold-weather resistant, and closely color matched to the extra-durable automotive-grade polyurethane paint that goes on them. And on the electric, a motor control unit that moderates speed on downhill stretches and simultaneously recharges the batteries.

Available in petrol and 48v electric, new and used.


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Yamaha Golf Buggies