Golf Buggies Off the Golf Course

Using Golf Buggies Off The Golf Course
Posted on November 13, 2014 by Leeds Golf Car Company
We all know that golf buggies are traditionally used on a golf course because of their practicality, running costs and durability. But what about other uses for the traditional golf cart that aren’t so… traditional?

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Whilst doing some research into golf buggies, we stumbled across a popular theme – Golf Cart Tours…

A number of companies from around the world are now offering tours of their city in a golf buggy. It appears people are recognising the diverse, practical nature of the vehicle and using them for different businesses outside of golf.

Golf Cart tours in Rome

This business in Rome has taken advantage of the design features of a golf buggy and clearly highlighted this on their site. “Our electric, quiet, environment friendly, comfortable and small golf carts fit everywhere. Easy to get in and out of and fully open, the golf carts allow you to take pictures without getting out of the cart if you don’t want to.”

This short paragraph sums up the practicality of the golf buggies and how they have managed to incorporate them into everyday life in Italy. They also go onto talk about how easily they fit down the narrow streets of Rome and again highlight the environmental friendliness an electric golf cart brings.

With a range of trips from a few hours to full days, the tour can show you some of the most iconic features in Rome, including The Vatican, the Colosseum, the Castle of St Angelo and follow in the footsteps of Robert Langdon in the movie ‘Angels and Demons’.

Sightseeing by Golf Cart in Russia

This tour company allows you to ‘seize the city’ and see the beautiful city of Krakow by golf cart.

Although less descriptive, the site also explains the tourism industry is booming and golf buggies have allowed them to take advantage of that. Working with a range of hotels and restaurants within the city, See Krakow tours has become a thriving business and they have even redesigned their carts.

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The golf buggies are all electric and are fitted with audio guides to inform the passengers of the culture of Krakow. There are 3 different tours available allowing you to see different parts of the city including The Old Town, the Kazimierz District and Schindler’s Factory.

Catalina Golf Cart Tours

The Catalina Island Golf Cart business takes a slightly different approach to the previous companies mentioned. Instead of a guided tour, the company allows you to hire a 4 or 6 seat golf cart and explore the small island.

This company uses one main advantage available with a golf cart… it’s size. Access around the island is limited for full sized motor vehicles and therefore seeing some of it’s most beautiful areas are only accessible by foot or a small vehicle such as the golf cart. Infact, the majority of residents on the island use golf buggies as their main mode of transport.

Supplied with a tour map, up to 6 passengers are sent on their way to see amazing views, memorial sites and botanical gardens.

catalina golf buggies

Arizona Golf Tours

A fine example of how the golf cart is still being used and the benefits are constantly being reused is the Bisbee Tour Company. Having only started on June 6th, 2014, the company allows you to take a tour of this small town.

Using golf buggies has some key advantages including reaching amazing vantage points comfortably and easily using the powerful electric motors. The company firmly believes that the architecture in the canyon-climbing habitat should be seen by more, and the most effective way to do this is to tour using golf buggies.

arizona golf cart tour

The importance of the golf cart is clearly highlighted by these 4 businesses. Using the unique features available with golf buggies, such as the electric, environmentally friendly engines, the maneuverability and practicality of its frame and the cheap running costs, they have managed to find a different but successful use for golf buggies.

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